Jewelry Making and Beading


We gather;

We laugh;

We make things.

About Us

Craftaholics is a small, creative get together designed for any and every crafter! We use all donated materials to create a space for vision, gratitude, communication with loved ones, handmade jewelry and much, much more.


Otter Chaos

109 N. Bullard St.

Silver City, NM 88061


Anytime during Otter Chaos hours

Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 10 AM - 5 PM

Sunday, 10 AM - 3 PM

1st Mondays

2nd Mondays

Other Mondays

Paper Crafts!

  • Vision Journaling
  • Vision Boards
  • Card Making
  • Card Writing

We have journals and cards for purchase at a great discount but you are always welcome to bring your own journal or cards for a cost-free social time!


We will use beads of all colors, sizes and styles to make:

  • Jewlery
  • Small Lanterns
  • Strands for Keychains
  • Fan Pulls

Our craft room is open and available to any crafter willing to play and clean up after themselves! This is a great time to finish up a project or repair a piece you’ve been meaning to fix.


Most of our supplies are donated and therefore, FREE for use.

If you choose to take home a creation, please donate:

$1 per pair of earrings, $2 per bracelet, $3 per necklace, $5 per lantern

Or a similar amount depending on the size of the craft

If you do NOT wish to to take home your craft, Otter Chaos will sell it in our store and we will donate the earnings to the Youth Mural Project.


We accept donations of crafting supplies, and working craft tools such as sewing machines. Otter Chaos organizes and cleans the materials for use and for sale in our store.

Art Materials on White Table
Gratitude Journal Concept. Writing I Grateful
Women Making Beautiful Jewelry

Otter Chaos

We organize the crafting goodies.

Some are sellable and available in the Otter Chaos store. Others are saved for free use on Mondays. We are a NON-NONprofit store but 100% of profits made from the sale of donated crafting materials and crafts made by Craftaholics go to the Mimbres Arts Council, specifically The Youth Mural Program.

The Store

Organization and a whole lot of Otters.

The Craft Room

Located at the back of Otter Chaos!

For Sale

Creations for sale in the store!

More about us at:

The Youth Mural Program

The Youth Mural Program located in Grant County, is a visually dynamic program that engages young people and teaches them about the history and culture of their community, while providing artistic jewels throughout the area. The program has been a huge success, with over 70 murals created on the sides of buildings, on the risers of high sidewalks, and on long-blocked-in windows in Silver City, Gila, Bayard, and Santa Clara.

Learn more at:

Get in touch!

Any questions, comments or concerns? Feel free to contact Abby at


Texts are welcome!

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Wooden Blocks with Means of Communications Icons